The Bridge To The Cosmos

One of Hadobody’s tenets is to celebrate the Seven Chakra System, the seven life-force energy centers that reside in the main channel of our body. We are so excited to bring to you our series based on these beautiful wheels of energy. We will be highlighting each of the seven Chakras starting with our highest potential, the Crown Chakra. We will briefly explain each Chakra in the Seven Chakra System, while providing you with some important concepts and giving you a few fun exercises that you can incorporate into your daily life. We also will discuss how each Chakra relates to our incredible Impact Partners and their efforts to aid our planet in so many different ways. Be sure to circle back for posts on the Third Eye chakra collection, Throat Chakra , Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral and Root Chakras.


Chakra in Sanskrit, which is the ancient language of Hinduism, means wheel or circular. In the 7 Chakra System that we are exploring, each Chakra is best described as energetic building blocks that flow energy throughout our bodies. Our personal chakras radiate off each and every one of us! You may not even realize it but you’ve probably felt the feeling of when a Chakra is open and when it is blocked. When your Chakras are balanced and open, you likely are feeling healthy and happy and sending out good vibes. If your Chakras are out of balance or closed, you likely are feeling sluggish and negative. Consider your Chakra system as an energetic healing channel that when understood and cared for can allow for you to manifest your unlimited potential and best self.


The seventh and highest wheel of energy in our body, the Crown, Highest Chakra, or the Sahasrara Chakra, is our connector to the divine and is known as the bridge to the cosmos. Located above the crown of the head, it is responsible for our nervous system, our brain, pure thought, along with a healthy spiritual life. This beautiful and powerful Chakra governs interaction and communication with the universe. Magically, it is associated with the element of thought and its color essence is of regal violet which is coincidentally associated with the color of magic!


There are many amazing ways to balance your seventh chakra including aromatherapy, mindful breathing, meditation, spending time in nature and cardio exercise. One of our favorite ways to bring the Crown Chakra into alignment is to consistently work with affirmations. We are able to set intentions that break old habits and open our minds to new thoughts and experiences by repeating positive words of affirmation. Let’s get started by using the law of attraction and write down 10 affirmations in a journal or Post-it note. This will send powerful vibrations out to the universe while developing spiritual mindfulness. Feel free to write down your own affirmations or use the ones below that we feel are special:

  • I am love. I am light.

  • I am a spiritual divine being.

  • I am powerful.

  • I am open to new ideas.

  • I am deeply and unconditionally loved by the universe.

  • I am my highest, most authentic self.

  • I am guided by a higher power and inner wisdom.

  • I am free of all negative emotions.

  • I am perfectly capable of achieving anything.

  • I am complete, serene and balanced.

Repeat each of these Crown Chakra mantras out loud or in your headspace ten times daily to balance your Crown Chakra. The ideal times for practicing these affirmations is right after you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed at night. Set aside five to fifteen minutes during these uninterrupted times. Breathe and focus your mind on the affirmations that you are repeating. It is also beneficial to integrate visualization into this process. When you are affirming “I am love. I am light,” visualize yourself being filled with a beautiful golden light from the divine and pure love, then send that love and light out into the universe. To get the most benefits from affirmations, you’ll want to start a daily routine and keep it consistent. If you happen to have chose using a Post-it Note during this exercise, feel free to post your affirmations in areas that you frequent during the day to keep you mindful throughout the day.


One of our favorite summer sounds is the gentle sound of bees buzzing in beautiful blooming flower gardens. It’s an unmistakable sound that comes from these tiny pollinators. Do you know how bees make these high pitched humming sounds? The buzzing sound is made by the rapid movement of their wings causing fast vibrations of their wing membranes.

The sound of all sounds! The sound of the Crown Chakra! The lotus of a thousand petals, our Crown Chakra, has a direct connection to bees and the sounds they make. Picture in your head the sound that a collection of bees make at a beehive. The vibration that bees give off, however varying with circumstance, is the mantra associated with the Crown Chakra! It’s the classic universal AUM mantra, also called Om. Commonly referred to as Bumble Bee Breath in yoga and meditation, Om is considered to be the sound of the universe, encompassing all other sounds within it. When chanted at a frequency of 432 Hz it vibrates at the same frequency found in all things throughout nature. We are astounded and amazed! Ommmm..Ommmm…Ommmm.

Let's move on to the connection between bees and the regal lotus flower. The magnificent lotus flower offers honey bees, not one thousand but around 1 million pollen grains per flower! When eaten on a regular basis, lotus bee pollen has been known to help us eliminate toxins in our bodies, slow our aging process and even help us lose weight. It is also prevalent in the beauty industry for its anti-wrinkle and hormone-balancing properties.

Bees are essential to the health of human life and our Mother Earth. There are over 4,000 bee species that are native to the United States and around 20,000 known worldwide. We of course all love the sweet honey that the honey bee produces but it is the pollination of hundreds of fruit and vegetable plants that is most important to our world food security and biodiversity. Did you know bees pollinate some of our favorite delicious snacks such as almonds, apples, broccoli, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries and melons? They also facilitate the production of biofuels, construction materials, feed for livestock, plant-based medicines and textiles. Thanks be to the bees because life as we know it wouldn’t exist without them.

In a 2021 Report by the Fish and Wildlife Service, “the American honeybee has declined by 89% in relative abundance and continues to decline toward extinction” due to many reasons such as habitat loss, pesticides, land degradation and disease. What can we do to help? Here are a few suggestions to help save our beautiful bees:

  1. Plant a beautiful and inviting flower garden filled with plants that are rich in pollen and nectar. Bees flock to flowers like bee balm, alyssum, calendula, cleome, lavender, zinnias, sunflowers, salvia, calendula and verbena.
  2. Support farmers who utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to help enhance environmental conditions, thus providing substantial benefits to pollination.
  3. Get involved with local organizations to assist in enriching public and shared spaces for the betterment of bees.
  4. Avoid using synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides to treat your garden and green space. Always read the product label of any product you are considering to see if it is toxic to bees.
  5. Support beekeepers and organizations by buying honey and beeswax products. You can also give time or monetary donations to help their programs grow.

Let's take care of these magical pollinators that make up one in every three bites of food that we eat and contribute to well over $200 billion to the global economy.


We elected to team up with the Bee Girl Organization due to the synergies that exist between the Crown Chakra, bees and the founder of BGO, Sarah “The Bee Girl.” “BGO is a grassroots nonprofit that is centered on bee habitat conservation. Through their research projects and education programs they are regenerating soil, bees and communities.”

Could wearing environmentally sustainable clothes and motivational apparel from Hadobody’s Crown Chakra Collection - I AM DIVINE help you heal and keep your Crown Chakra balanced? We think it could! We believe that you will find peace with a clear perspective when you are being reminded of how amazing you are by wearing positive affirmations and while helping our planet thrive.

One percent of the profits from our Hadobody Crown Chakra Collection - I AM DIVINE go to The Bee Girl Organization. Be Divine and Help Save the Bees. Shop The Crown Chakra Collection and Donate Now!

With Love and Light!

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