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Science is ultimately catching up to spirit thanks to modern technology. We now have tools and techniques, which are measurable, allowing us the opportunity to develop a Mind, Body, & Spirit (MBS) Operating System to support our journey. Hadobody fashion brand is designed to pique your interest, intrigue your intellect and awe your senses."-Dianna

Founder's Story

Dianna is the founder and creative visionary behind the good vibe lifestyle brand for the Mind, Body, & Spirit, Hadobody.

Dianna elected to have a double mastectomy in 2010 after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Enduring this experience would launch her on a spiritual journey that continues to this day. She has transformed the way she thinks and feels through metaphysical studies, daily meditation and mindfulness. As Dianna continues her holistic wellness approach to life, she embraces the profound work of Lynne McTaggert, Dr. Joe Dispenza, The HeartMath Institute, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Ursula Gilkeson, Ana Paula Munoz, Cyndi Dale and Nikola Tesla among others.

Dianna combined her passion of unleashing the power of thought with her fascination of fashion design to create a visionary brand based on the power of positive affirmations. Her Made in America garments are designed to gently promote energetic intentions while being incredibly comfortable and sustainable. Her Hadobody lifestyle goods are designed to help bring you into vibrational alignment with your desires leading you to live your best life.

Dianna intends on growing the Hadobody brand domestically and internationally by inspiring you to remember how magnificent you truly are through love, light and gratitude.


Our mission at Hadobody is to provide lifestyle wellness apparel and home goods that serve as a gentle daily reminder of how magnificent you truly are while being soft on the planet, beautiful on your body, while also giving back.

Welcome to Hadobody

We humans are much more than what meets the eye. Science today, with the assistance of technology, is providing us with methods to discover how to improve our insight as a human being - through an intense understanding of the Mind, Body, & Spirit. Using this knowledge, we can build an environment in which all living beings can thrive on a clean, vibrant and healthy planet earth.

Your Hadobody team will continue to curate this collection of our favorite experts, authors, practitioners, teachers, professors, scientists and doctors who are creating cutting edge output in the Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection. We hope you enjoy learning about their wonderful work as much as we do.

With Love and Light,