The Seat of Intution

We feel your energy so let's tap into it! Let’s start by having a little fun and go on an imaginary, relaxing excursion to a tropical paradise! Take a couple deep breaths and close your eyes for a moment. Picture yourself taking a stroll on a pristine, sandy beach during the last five minutes of sunset. Feel the sand underneath your toes as the waves splash over your bare feet. The gentle ocean breeze is exhilarating as you look out towards the crystal clear Caribbean blue water while gazing at the gorgeous, glowing sunset. Your mind begins to relax and clear as you look at the stunning ocean scene in amazement. Your eyes are focused on the sun as it quickly disappears into the ocean seemingly like a blink of an eye. Now, slowly open your eyes. How exciting was that? You just activated your Third Eye Chakra and created an alternate reality! The mind's eye, our Third Eye Chakra, enables us to imagine, perceive and think beyond our physical dimension and is what makes this temporary reality possible. The potential of the human mind is beyond imagination! Join us for Part Two of our Mindful Minute Chakra Series that brings us to the seat of intuition, the eye of the soul, our fascinating Third Eye Chakra.

If you are just now starting this series, please check out our first post regarding the Crown Chakra, The Bridge To The Cosmos. We will be following up with posts on the Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras in the weeks to come.


The sixth Chakra of our seven life-force energy centers within our body is the Third Eye or Anja Chakra in Sanskirt. Translations of Anja in Sanskrit include “perceive,” “command” and “beyond wisdom.” Due to its location on the forehead between the eyebrows it is also known as the Brow Chakra and provides perception beyond ordinary sight. The fundamental qualities of the 3rd eye Chakra are intuition, imagination and wisdom and it is associated with the element of light. Its color essence is a deep blue indigo which is the color that is associated with wisdom and deep inner knowing. Indigo is also connected to our sixth sense which when the Third Eye is balanced provides us with those “Aha” moments of insight and clarity. Some common crystals used for enhancing the mind’s eye include Amethyst, Apophyllite, Celestine, Fluorite, Kunzite, Labradorite, Obsidian and Sodalite. These crystals are thought to awaken intuition, inspiration, creativity and bring clarity to the mind. Consider this the eye that looks inward instead of outward and functions as the radio receiver in the center of the brain.

Pine cone


Human brains contain a small pine cone shaped gland, about the size of a grain of rice or pea (5-8 MM), called the pineal gland or eye. The pineal eye is our physical Third Eye and has retinal tissue within its structure just as our two eyes do. The pineal eye’s primary function is to let in light and darkness and is where the name Third Eye is derived from. It’s located in a tiny area in the central area of the brain behind the pituitary gland and is immersed in cerebrospinal fluid. This area of the brain is known as the reptilian dinosaur brain or the instinctual brain region. The gland produces a hormone called melatonin derived from serotonin to control our sleep patterns, how we instinctively make decisions and how we perceive reality. It’s regulated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus and controls body temperature, fatigue, hunger, thirst and circadian rhythms. This magical gland is also associated to higher states of consciousness.


There are many effective ways to balance and open your sixth chakra such as supplementing your diet with raw cacao, raw apple cider vinegar and vitamin K1/K2, applying essential oils, yoga (Child’s Pose) and using crystals. When your Third Eye is balanced it welcomes paradox and unity. When your Third Eye is imbalanced it can be a cause of mental and physical illness. The following are some of our favorite ways to help you open your Third Eye.



For peak performance and psychological development, the pineal gland must remain healthy and it all starts with deep sleep. Getting high-quality sleep every night is critical for boosting your overall health and wellness and keeping your pine cone happy. The artificial blue light emitted from our smart devices and the WiFi emitting Electromagnetic Frequency radiation (EMF) interferes with the function of the pineal gland to produce melatonin. Consider turning off all electronic devices at least one hour before going to sleep and at a minimum and keep the tablets and cell phones at least three feet away from your bed.


Preferably under sunlight or moonlight, sit comfortably with your eyes closed concentrating on your breathing as you internally focus at the area between your eyebrows while thinking of the color indigo. Be patient with yourself as this may take several too many attempts and always consciously know that you are integrating a major upgrade. This exercise will aid in opening your Third Eye and will help you see more clearly, remove any mental blockages and also improve your cognitive flexibility. 


Set your affirmations in the present starting each affirmation with I am. The best way to change long-standing beliefs and patterns is to act as if you’ve already succeeded; been there, done that. Below are 11 powerful daily affirmations to specifically aid you in opening the Third Eye Chakra and connect you to your inner wisdom. In numerology, the number 11 is considered to be a master number that is associated with creativity, high vibration, sharpness, intuitiveness, Universal truth, vision and balance.

  • I am brilliant.
  • I am all things in clarity.
  • I am the source of my truth.
  • I am open to the wisdom within
  • I am a present observer in my life.
  • I am connected to my higher power.
  • I am open to exploring what cannot be seen.
  • I am connected to my true path and purpose.
  • I am connected to the wisdom of the universe.
  • I am able to see and act in alignment with my divine self.
  • I am now using my intuition and insight without fear and without delusion.

Take a quick peek at one of our previous Mindful Minute blogs Intention, Affirmation & The Power of I AM to learn more about affirmations.


  • The Third Eye produces a natural psychoactive compound known as Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) or “spirit molecule” and is naturally released during times of birth and death. It also can be produced through deep breathing exercises, meditations visualizing light and intentional trance states such as candle gazing. DMT is also found in animals and at least 60 species of plants.
  • There are tiny floating calcium carbonate crystals in the pineal gland that vibrate when there are changes in frequency and pressure such as during deep breathing. When these crystals are stimulated they release bursts of multicolored light, a phenomenon known as piezoluminescence or piezochromism.
  • Due to fluoride being added to our water supply and other chemicals being added to our food supply many animals have a pineal gland that is often much larger than humans.
  • The pineal gland is the first gland to develop in the fetus reaching its mature size at 2 years old.
  • Our pineal gland is sensitive to various forms of light making it photosensitive.
  • A proposed biological cause of autism is the malfunction of the pineal gland and deficiency of its principal hormone, melatonin.
  • Studies have shown that human pineal gland calcification increases with age and can trigger severe sleep disorders.
  • Awakening your Third Eye will help you manifest your desires and empower your visualization skills.
Little girl


We elected to team up with the Child Mind Institute due to the synergies that exist between the Third Eye Chakra and their organization. “They have become the leading independent nonprofit in children’s mental health by providing gold-standard evidence-based care, delivering educational resources to millions of families each year, training educators in underserved communities, and developing tomorrow’s breakthrough treatments.” The Child Mind Institute “advances children’s mental health through compassionate and uncompromising clinical care, a revolutionary approach to the science of the developing brain, and wide-reaching public education and community programs.”

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With Love and Light!

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