Intention, Affirmation & The Power of I AM

Oh hey, how are you? Yes, I really do want to know! My hope is that by taking a minute to read this you will be refreshed, ready to have a wonderful day and restful night. Your time is valuable. So let’s get right to it.

What do we mean by living a life with intention, mindfulness, positively affirming ourselves and others? How important is it to go about our days and nights with intention, mindfulness and affirmation? What’s all the hype about? Does it matter or make a difference, and does it affect matter? Some bodies of research suggest that our thoughts, actions and intentions can and do affect matter, as defined by physical substance, in general, as distinct from mind and spirit.

Let’s take a moment to explore these concepts further. When I come across a subject that I want to know more about, one of the first things I do is look up the definition of the word in order to ground me with the essence of the interest at hand. So let’s begin there, shall we?

First, let’s take a closer look at the word intention. Intention, as defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is: the thing that you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose. Secondly, let’s dive into the words affirmation and affirm. Affirm means to say that something is true in a confident way, therefore, affirmation is the act of affirming.

Finally, what is the significance of the two words I AM?


My research and daily practice has led me to the belief that by speaking the words I AM with the desired trait to follow, we are commanding the universe to bring the essence of that quality into our being, aligning us with the highest and most divine version of ourselves.

I also find that it is also helpful to seek information from experts on the topics I am interested in. My favorite author, expert and speaker on the realm of intention is none other than Lynne McTaggart. Lynne has produced vast amounts of research, experiments and study on the science of intention. Lynne uses her own systematic investigations, along with the input of cutting edge research conducted at Princeton, MIT, Stanford and many other prestigious universities and laboratories bringing her to the conclusions that she shares in her work. Her book, The Intention Experiment, reveals that the universe is connected by a vast quantum energy field. If you would like to go deeper as to how the quantum field affects our daily lives I highly recommend The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart (

This brings us to needing a definition of the quantum energy field. Quantum field theory, according to Britannica, is a body of physical principles combining the elements of quantum mechanics with those of relativity to explain the behavior of subatomic particles and their interactions via a variety of force fields. In other words, when we hear the term “collective consciousness” it is referring to the quantum energy field. We are one big body of consciousness where every thought, action, and deed creates an outcome that affects us all. As a side note on quantum physics, IBM just announced they have recently invented a quantum microchip which can compute a 1 and a 0 at the same time! This is beyond my scope of knowledge, but my computer science friends are wildly excited about this breakthrough (

Why is all of the discussion regarding intention, affirmation, connection so important and how can we harness these concepts to enhance our daily lives? This is significant because when we take the time to contemplate what we value and why it is important to us, it is very likely to have a profound effect on our lives, creating a grounding anchor for our being.

I believe that both, big and commanding Overarching Intentions and small yet powerful Daily Intentions, are important. An intention can be as simple as “my intention is to be kind to everyone I come into contact with today”. It can be as overarching as “my intention is to create a non-for-profit designed to help others in need.”

I invite you to take a moment to think of an intention that is important to you today. Go ahead and write it down or make note of it in your cell phone notes. I’ll wait. Got it? Perfect. Well done.

Next, what is a solid I AM statement that fits nicely with your intention?

I am Kind

One example we can use for today’s exercise is, I AM KIND. Excellent, make a note of that, also.

Now that we have prepared our intention and affirmation, let’s combine them.

  1. Take a deep cleansing breath while visualizing your breath coming in through your heart and traveling throughout your entire body. Release it gently and thoroughly. Do this 3 times.
  2. Quiet your mind by thinking of something that makes you super happy, this could be your favorite person or a loveable pet. Visualize this being in your mind smiling at you, bring that image into your heart.
  3. Take a minute to think of your Overarching Intention or your Daily Intention. Consider it done.
  4. Smile to yourself.
  5. Bring your affirmation into your being by utilizing your I AM statement. Speak out loud or to yourself, I AM KIND (whatever your intention is for this day), 3 to 5 times. Let the powerful words rest in your body.
  6. Repeat step one by taking a deep cleansing breath in through your heart traveling it throughout your body. Release the breath, allowing the stress and tension to leave your body. Do this 3 times. Relax your brow. Compliment yourself for giving your mind, body and spirit the gift of time, positive affirming thought and life giving breath.

Congratulations! You have just released a quark of positivity into the quantum field of intention by sending your positive thought from your heart out into the universe!

We are all interconnected, when we take a moment each day to put a drop of positive thought into the cosmos we initiate an impact that can help to charge the collective consciousness for the support and good of all! Just like a ripple in the water, the powerful thoughts that you create in your mind, body & spirit have the ability to influence the world around you.

Remember, you are a beautiful and magnificent creator of your world. You are awesome!

With Love and Light!

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