Sedona, Magic Mushrooms and Mickey Mouse

Why do Mickey Mouse Ears look like a Prickly Pear Cactus? I am so happy that you asked. This may be pure folklore and may surprise you but it will definitely make you smile!

Mickey Mouse Ears

While on a 3 hour spiritual, meditation and Chakra clearing guided hike beginning at the base of the famous Thunder Mountain in Sedona, Arizona, I learned about “the science” behind the magical feeling one gets when amongst the magnificent vortex structures that surround the beautiful mountain town.

Our beautiful guide, a self-proclaimed medium to those in their afterlife, offered up this chemistry lesson for a scientific explanation to help explain the intense feelings of healing, well being and high energy one often feels while in the presence of the beautiful Red Rock mountains in Sedona. The knowledgeable guide pointed out that while looking closely at the Red Rock mountains, you can see lines of white running throughout the mountains. The white lines range from looking like a small stripe to a large banner running horizontally through the mountains. The white lines and larger banners are actually visible pure quartz crystal formations embedded into the massive rock structures. When you keep your gaze and turn your body to the mountain next in line, you can see the line, or banner, continuing on to the next mountain, organizing a circuit of quartz crystals that  majestically nestle within each mountain. This magical creation forms a beautiful natural vortex grid of its own, encompassing the town of Sedona and the surrounding area.

Quartz crystal is the second most abundant natural mineral found on earth composed of silicone, carbon and water, heat and pressure. It has a hexagonal shape further giving it energetic focused qualities. Clear quartz crystal is known to be an energy amplifier and can generate an electrical charge when pressure is exerted on it, which is why quartz crystals are used for powering watches, cell phones, electrical circuits and computers. These are just a few uses for this insanely cool, made by Mother Nature crystal. Another fascinating fun fact, the presence of the quartz crystal within the massive red rock structures makes for some of the most lightning struck mountains in the world.

Quartz crystal

The other amplifying quality when standing near, on or around the mountains in Sedona is that under your feet, there are 7 water reservoirs running through the underground. These reservoirs carry various minerals and salts thus making the water under our feet a wonderful conduit of electrical energy. Water is one of the four fundamental Elements (fire, air, water and earth) from which all matter is created. The ancient Greeks proposed that water is the mediator of the cosmos (D.L. Martin, Water Sciences and Insights). “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water,” wrote the anthropologist, Loren Eisely.

This combination of quartz crystal, natural ion infused water, and lightning as an ongoing source of electrical current creates the perfect cocktail of high energy which is palpable to every visitor and resident in Sedona, making Sedona a world renowned destination.

Now, back to Mickey Mouse and magic! The lore around town is that Walt Disney loved Sedona so much that he built a beautiful home deep within the vortex mountains of Sedona. He loved to relax, create and entertain his friends at his remote red rock retreat. The lore goes on to speculate that he and his famous friends loved to partake in certain mind altering substances and during one of those “trips” the vision of Mickey Mouse was born. Walt’s vision of Mickey must have been lounging on a red rock near a prickly pear cactus, hence, the famous Mickey Mouse ears that we have all grown to love over the decades were imagined.


And, if you look closely you will also notice that the famous Thunder Mountain roller coaster ride in the famous parks resemble the original, nature made, Thunder Mountain that majestically beckons “come closer” to every being in the area - both of this world and out of this world.

Did we clear our Seven Chakras and align with our highest selves? I believe we did just that - and belief creates reality, right? It could have been the Chef’s dinner at La ‘Auberge De Sedona (, the libations and amazing dining experience at the Mesa Rock Airport (, or the UFO tour at night gazing into the big open brilliant Sedona skies ( Sedona offers the perfect ingredients for exhilarating one's senses by combining nature, culture, mindfulness, beauty, art, and wellness creating the perfect recipe for enhancing our creativity, good vibes, and alignment. There was so much more to do, see, experience and explore. The few glorious days and nights we were there were simply not enough. We are planning our next getaway to Sedona already! I hope to see you there!

With Love and Light!

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