Meet Micro Modal - Your New BFF

Micro Modal is all the rage right now and is taking Sustainable Luxury to the next level. At Hadobody we love our Micro Modal and Modal fabrics and we use this rock star fabric as often as we can when designing our beautiful lifestyle clothing collections. This simple yet high tech fabric feels silky soft to the touch energizing on the body is breathable strong easy to care for and can hold beautiful hues. Historically this special fiber has been reserved for the finest of lingerie but is now stepping out into the world in a big way!

Lenzing™ Micro Modal fabric is a plant based luxurious fabric made from sustainably sourced beech trees. Wood is far too valuable to only use it for extracting pulp to produce fibers. Lenzing our source for our Micro Modal and Modal fabric respects the assets of every tree. Use all spoil none is their mantra. They make the best use of this natural resource and turn it into as many valuable products as possible. This concept is called biorefinery.

At their biorefineries in Lenzing and Paskov they use the renewable source material wood as a universal replacement for non-renewable raw materials that are faced with increasing criticism such as crude oil. Therefore they aim to utilize and commercialize all of the wood’s natural components by turning them into pulp for Lenzing fibers or other useful Lenzing solutions for various industries.

Lenzing’s biorefinery products for example provide valuable supplies to the food industry such as acetic acid which acts as the perfect ingredient to pickle vegetables and xylose which is processed into a low-calorie sugar substitute.

Sustainable fibers are our passion. Like Lenzing we want to generate additional benefits for people and the environment in cooperation with our partners. This idea is at the heart of our sustainability strategy and our related ambitious targets.

From Lenzing: Originally our sustainable thinking and acting was merely based on the use of the natural raw material wood. However in the meantime we want even more make a substantial contribution to a better world together with our customers and partners and carry this idea into the business of the fashion brands. This is because complex global challenges demand a cooperative approach. With our Naturally Positive sustainability strategy we are transforming our mission into reality. Sustainable production means that we check the entire value chain in accordance with our strict requirements.

The Lenzing process starts with wood procurement for pulp production and ultimately ends with the products for the consumers. More than 99 percent of our wood comes from sustainable forestry. It is certified or controlled according to FSC® (FSC-C041246) and or PEFC™ (PEFC/06-33-92). They are also actively involved in the protection of endangered forests and primeval forests because they know about the significance of healthy forests as the most important CO2 storage for our climate

For Lenzing sustainable production means providing preferably closed cycles in the pulp and fiber production for chemicals water and energy. Used process water is purified in efficient wastewater treatment plants. In addition their biorefinery sites use the raw material wood in such an optimal way that they not only produce pulp for our fibers but also valuable biorefinery products and co-products. By using the energy stored in the wood their biorefineries are completely energy self-sufficient like in Paskov (Czech Republic) or as it is the case in Lenzing (Austria) they are to a large extent not dependent on additional energy purchases and therefore energy self-sufficient.

We believe that you will be happy to know that our Hadobody fabrics are meeting the highest environmental standards. The majority of the fabrics that we use for our garments are plant-based consisting of cotton and sustainable Lenzing™ Modal. A natural renewable resource Lenzing™ Modal is a self-seeding plant. Learn more at

At Hadobody our lightweight eco-friendly Modal and Micro Modal fabrics have a fresh silky feel and drape beautifully on the body. We lovingly refer to our Modal fabrics as Nature’s Cashmere Some of the benefits of Lenzing™ Modal and Micro Modal are:

  • Exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking
  • Keeps its shape while being luxuriously soft
  • Easy to care for and is durable
  • Lightweight and wrinkle resistant
  • Colorfast and resists pilling
  • Luxuriously Soft
  • Lightweight and breathable for perpetual peace of mind
  • Moisture-wicking to keep you dry and energized
  • Preshrunk for everlasting satisfaction
  • Stunning Hues
  • Sustainable

While we use a small amount of spandex for certain garments it is our goal to help the fashion industry develop performance based products without the use of plastics. We are continually striving to do better for the environment. Using plastic based materials such as nylon spandex polyester and all of their cousins would be a lot easier and much less expensive. We take a stand against putting any more microplastics into the environment marine life and your body. It is our goal to use primarily plant-based fabrics for your luxurious Hadobody garments. We aim to be soft on the planet and beautiful on your body.

Micro Modal and Modal garments are easy to care for. While most of the garments can be washed in cold water with like colors and hung to dry we recommend to dry clean some of the drapier garments in order to get that fresh and beautiful drape every time you wear them.

You ask about comfort? Comfort can mean different things to different people. Take a minute what does comfort mean to you? A line we love from from an article Comfort Has Many Facets in by Aren Cohen MBA MAPP 07 is this comfort can be both a noun and a verb and is defined by Google as either a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or consolation for grief or anxiety. Aren goes on to say that if comfort and it’s cousin comfortable are not emotions yet clearly when we are in a state of comfort some positive emotion is involved.

In other words when we are experiencing comfort and feel free we typically feel good. When we feel good we do good. The Ripple Effect at it’s finest. For another quick take on the power of the Ripple Effect and the power of positivity check out The Ripple Effect: Four Ways to Change LIves with a Positive Attitude.

Let’s talk about Hadobody Comfort and how wearing Hadobody women's gear can create a beautiful feeling of comfort for you. Our T-shirts are buttery soft while beautifully enveloping the body with love. Our sweatshirt texture is energizing while wearing them it’s a truly magical feeling. We believe that when you wear your Hadobody Underwear it will be the most comfortable and pleasing to the touch underwear that you have ever worn. Not only do they feel seriously amazing they will keep you fresh all day and all night long. You will be gently reminded as to how magnificent you truly are. Mother Nature will Thank You too.

With Love and Light!

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