Five Of Our Favorite Body Hacks To Boost Your Mind, Body & Spirit

“Science is ultimately catching up to spirit thanks to modern technology. We now have tools and techniques, which are measurable, allowing us the opportunity to develop a Mind, Body, Spirit (MBS) Operating System to support our journey. Hadobody fashion brand is designed to pique your interest, intrigue your intellect and awe your senses."

- Dianna Smith, Founder of Hadobody

 Five Of Our Favorite Body Hacks To Boost Your Mind, Body & Spirit

What is Biohacking? Biohacking is a broad term for the new science of optimizing your brain or brain health, and body for peak performance. For centuries, humans have attempted to upgrade their mind, body & spirit by using various techniques in the areas of psychology, physiology, and nutrition.

Benefits of biohacking - also called DIY biology or do-it-yourself biology - include increased memory and brain health, focus, enhanced physical strength and endurance, and reduced stress levels. Body hacks have been around for centuries, though not all of them may suit you, and that’s okay. It’s about what works for you.

Listed are some of Hadobody’s favorite body hacks. Try one or all of them out and feel your body and mind getting supercharged.

Tabata Style Workouts

  1. Tabata Style Workouts

Tabata is a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) style workout that provides maximum benefits in as little as four minutes. Sounds too good to be true? A Tabata-style workout consists of 20 seconds of all-out work followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated eight times for a total of four minutes.

Tabata is an excellent way to work out when you’re short on time or stuck at home. There are many benefits to Tabata workouts, including boosting your metabolism, burning fat (even after the workout), building lean muscle mass, and much more.

You can do a Tabata workout with any exercise using weights or your body weight. The founder of this exercise, Dr. Izumi Tabata, discovered in his research that this type of HIIT workout could improve your aerobic and anaerobic systems (the body’s energy-producing systems).

An Example Tabata Workout:

Bodyweight Squat: Stand with feet at shoulder width, and your toes turned slightly out. Take a deep breath into your belly and lower your body down. Push your knees out as you descend. Go as low as you can while keeping your head, spine, and pelvis aligned, and then extend your hips and knees to return to standing.

During the 20 seconds of work, you push your body close to 100% effort and rest for 10 seconds afterward. This repeated process amplifies your heart rate and gets you burning fat almost immediately. When performing a Tabata workout, you want to perform about ten reps. It’s not about going as fast as you can; it is about executing each rep as well as you can.

On your smartphone or tablet, download an app called “Tabata Timer.” This app will track your time for you and coach you through each workout without you having to worry about the time on the clock.

Take a Seat in an Infrared Sauna

  1. Take a Seat in an Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna uses infrared lamps (that use electromagnetic radiation) to warm your body directly, compared to a traditional sauna that heats the air around you. Comparing temperatures, the infrared sauna warms up from 120–140 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 150–180 degrees Fahrenheit in a traditional sauna.

Though both have similar health benefits, what makes the Infrared sauna stand out is:

  • Improved Heart Health — Within the first 5–8 minutes of sitting in the infrared sauna, sweat starts beading, your blood vessels widen, increasing the blood flow, and your heart rate elevates. Researchers link the physical response of an infrared sauna to walking at a moderate pace.
  • Fighting Off Illness — Saunas reduce oxidative stress associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and degenerative diseases like dementia. Evidence shows that sitting in a sauna can fight off the common cold.
  • Relaxation — Warming your body seems to warm your soul. Setting aside some sauna time may help decrease depression, anxiety, and stress. Think of a session in a sauna as a meditation session in warmer temperatures.

With more benefits, such as pain relief, improved sleep quality, and soothing sore muscles, infrared saunas are an excellent body hack. For newbies (like myself), start easy with 10-minute sessions 2–3 times a week and see how you feel. Listen to how your body reacts. Allow your body to cool down naturally before showering, and stay hydrated!

Drink Bulletproof Coffee

  1. Drink Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a blend of coffee, grass-fed butter or ghee, MCT oil and collagen, blended together for 30 seconds gives you a frothy, yummy start to your day. This supercharged coffee drink provides energy, reduces appetite, and promotes ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body burns fat for energy.

This Keto friendly drink is a quick and easy-to-make breakfast meal when on the go. With the combination of caffeine and both sources of fat (MCT oil and grass-fed butter), Bulletproof coffee can help improve brain function and is high in Omega-3 fats. Omega-3s can help reduce blood pressure and can help reduce depression.

Combining a nice hot cup of Bulletproof coffee in the morning with intermittent fasting allows the collagen protein to go right into the body, supporting smooth skin and lean muscles. The ghee and MCT oil also get easily absorbed into each cell providing the cell with needed nutrients and energy with ease, since the body is not working to digest other nutrients from food.

Another benefit of Bulletproof coffee is how it can improve your digestion. The MCT oil helps your gut maintain a healthy balance of bacteria which helps control inflammation and improves your immune system.

Box Breathing

  1. Box Breathing

This type of yogic breathing practice is the same breathing practice used by Navy Seals and people worldwide to calm their minds and emotions during tense situations.

It is called box breathing because a box has four sides to it, and this practice has you breathe four times for four seconds each. You will slowly inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, slowly exhale for four seconds, and then hold for another four seconds before repeating the sequence.

Using this practice in times of stress helps move your nervous system out of high alert by tapping into the bodily system responsible for rest and digestion — the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight or flight response.”

Box breathing is an excellent tool to help calm your mind and settle into your meditation practice. Counting the seconds of each breath is similar to mantra meditation, which calms the nervous system and helps you stay present.

Regardless of how you’re feeling, try this practice first thing in the morning or after a day of work.

Take a Daily Walk Outside

  1. Take a Daily Walk Outside

Walking is an underestimated activity with great benefits for your body and mind. Walking in nature or around your neighborhood in the sun stimulates your body to produce endorphins — the brain’s feel-good chemicals. This can help elevate your mood, and endorphins can help relieve pain in your aching joints and muscles.

In addition, being exposed to sunlight increases your Vitamin D intake, which is also great for your mind.

Physically, taking a walk can help you lose weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease. According to researchers, walking five times a week for thirty minutes can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. Also, regular walkers are known to have fewer heart attacks and strokes, lower blood pressure, and have healthy cholesterol.

Lastly, with many other benefits, walking can increase creativity and boost brain power. As a writer, when I find myself with writer’s block, taking a walk outside allows me to step away from and opens up a free flow of ideas.

Bonus Hack: Wearing Hadobody Wellness Apparel made with naturally “good for you” fibers gives your body a break from wearing clothing made from synthetic fibers made with potentially harmful chemicals. Wearing clothing made from nature, like Hadobody is an experience that one must have first hand to fully understand how great and energizing it truly feels. Whether you are preparing for a great night's sleep, running errands or going out on the town, we’ve got you covered!

Hadobody is a lifestyle brand that harnesses the power of intention to infuse the mind, body and spirit with confidence, positivity, and a boost of well-being!

With Love & Light

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