The Root of Sustainability From Hadobody

“Hadobody fashion brand is designed to pique your interest, intrigue your intellect and awe your senses.” - Dianna Smith, Founder of Hadobody

The Root of Sustainability From Hadobody

Sustainability, by definition, means avoiding the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.

At Hadobody, we like to go above and beyond for our precious Mother Earth and the beautiful souls reading this blog. One of the main values at Hadobody is sustainability. From the manufacturers who make our products in the United States to the packaging sent out to your divine soul.

Whether we call it ethical fashion or slow fashion, our entire supply chain, manufacturing process, and end use products are designed to elevate the lives of everyone that comes into contact with Hadobody. Our fabrics are sourced from local Los Angeles vendors within a few miles of our manufacturer's facility. Local sourcing helps to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and supports the local businesses and economy in this part of our country.

We love that our manufacturer's mission is to inspire people within the community to grow into their best selves by creating equal opportunities through ethical manufacturing. They do this by providing an ethical workplace environment for their employees through liveable wages, health care, paid vacation time, and paid sick time. Just as our suppliers uphold ethical and sustainable values for their employees and fabric, we pay it forward to you.

Hadobody honors that mission by upholding the sustainability standard by creating ethical clothing for men and women that weren't created at the expense of the employees in their factories.

origin of fabric

The Origin of Our Fabric

The breathable and innovative fabric we use for eighty percent of our clothing products comes from Lenzing Modal — a fabric that uses minimal water, is biodegradable and is made from nature. The fibers used in Lenzing Modal material stem from a natural component of material wood called cellulose. A primary characteristic of cellulose is that it is biodegradable. The fiber re-enters the ecosystem at the end of its life cycle, preparing the ground on which new plants grow.

Made from the pulp of beech trees, the fabric of Modal brings a luxurious, silky feel that drapes beautifully on the body. We lovingly refer to our Modal fabrics as Nature's Cashmere.

Some of the quality and sustainable benefits of Micro Modal are:

  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Preshrunk for everlasting satisfaction
  • Multi-Functional, meaning it can be worn for a calming yoga session, a hard workout, or when you want to relax
  • Easy to care for and durable
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • It is excellent for the environment
  • Some of the softest garments you will own

How Hadobody Stands Out from the Fast Fashion Industry

How Hadobody Stands Out from the Fast Fashion Industry?

We are not just any sustainable activewear brand— how are we different?

  1. We use fabrics with little to no micro-plastics - most “sustainable” brands use recycled polyester, which due to the recycling process, put smaller microplastics back into our water systems and into your body. We are truly gentle on the planet and beautiful on your body.
  2. Using our Spiritual Technology, Hadobody infuses the water in your body with your personal self-love affirmation every day you wear Hadobody. This serves as a gentle reminder as to how awesome that you truly are.
  3. Each I AM Affirmation is aligned to a Charity that supports our beautiful planet and beings. With every purchase you make a percent of the profits goes directly to one of the 7 Charities.
  4. Our styles are tailored to flatter with buttery soft comfort for everyday comfort and wear.

Many fashion companies use plastic-based materials like nylon and polyester. Using these types of materials is far cheaper and easier to use. However, the damage of having more microplastics in the environment, to our precious marine life, and your amazing body are far worse.

Using plant-based materials, such as Micro Modal, helps protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic. Finding alternate ways to create fashionable clothes that also feel buttery soft, and luxurious.

Let's talk about how comfortable Hadobody's clothing is and how wearing Hadobody gear can create a beautiful feeling of comfort for you.

Our T-shirts are soft while beautifully enveloping the body with love and affirmation. The sweatshirt texture is energizing while wearing them, which gives it a magical experience.

Our underwear will be the most comfortable and pleasing to the touch underwear that you have ever worn. Not only do they feel seriously fantastic, but they will also keep you fresh all day long. You will be gently reminded of how magnificent you truly are. Mother Nature will thank you too.

My Firsthand Experience With Hadobody Clothing

As the writer of these blogs and a minimalist, I've been keen on trying Hadobody clothes ever since I discovered the brand. I am all about supporting equal opportunities and being one of the most Earth-conscious people you will meet.

After taking the Chakra Quiz, getting the results of being most aligned with the Root Chakra was no surprise to me. However, I was surprised and very grateful to have this package delivered to my house that contained two articles of clothing from Hadobody. I was gifted the Root Chakra "Mindful Tee" and the Root Chakra "Boxer Briefs."

The first thing that caught my attention as I opened my package was a message written on the sticker of both compostable wrappings outside the garments that read, "Hello, I am what you've been waiting for. Love & Light, Hadobody.” Although I was anxiously waiting for this package, I was not expecting to see that message. Intuitively, I knew I was going to love these products.

Anytime I've purchased new articles of clothing, I've had to wash them first to see how well they fit. With Hadobody, it is a different story — the shirt and briefs fit perfectly before I washed them and fit the same way after I washed them. As unbiased as I can be, the Micro Modal product is the real deal. Not only does it comfortably drape over you, but the material is so soft and silky that you don't feel it. In addition, it makes my closet more sustainable.

Before I wore them, I set the intention from the affirmation on the shirt that read, "I am grounded." I wanted the whole experience. I wore the shirt and briefs to my float therapy session, and afterward, with the help of the session and setting the intention; I was truly grounded.

These are my favorite articles of clothing I own because of the comfort, the ethical process, and the fact that it feels so light on my skin.

The Final Touches

By supporting Hadobody, you are supporting local businesses, caring for yourself and the environment, and you are also supporting the loving charities that we sponsor.

Each chakra has a designated charity with which we share proceeds. Each charity plays a part in supporting the environment, like taking action to protect our national forests or looking after the creatures in the ocean and the bodies of water themselves.

As we share love, light, and positivity with the planet, we also support charities that help bring love to others, from helping people balance their mental, physical, and emotional systems to supporting women through economic, social, and political programs.

Love and light are a recycled force of energy always going around and coming back to us. In this way, we are truly circular fashion spreading Love & Light to our Good Vibe Community! Spread the love.

With Love & Light

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