Featured Susie's Review: Hadobody: Fall Fashions Uplifting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Well-Being Looks Good on You! Meet the Affirmation Apparel Collective That Women and Men Love

Hadobody invites women and men to indulge in sustainability, positivity, and a boost of well-being. One look at their offerings and you’ll see how they make it so easy and rewarding!

These made-in-America luxury garments are more than clothing. They’re statement pieces filled with positive affirmations and fashionable accents. The founder, Dianna, leads the way in guiding her lifestyle brand to evoke a sense of love, peace, and calmness, much needed in today’s hustle and bustle. You’ll want to slow down, relax, and enjoy some “me-time” as soon as you wear items from her line.

Dianna is a beacon of positivity through love, light, and gratitude. A breast cancer survivor, she is guided by a strong sense of purpose and admiration for a life well-led. Her spiritual journey to wellness led her to start Hadobody, an ideal reflection of the woman behind the brand. Daily meditation and mindfulness play a big part in her lifestyle and that of those who find her apparel a must-have for any season.

All clothing is sustainably and ethically made, infused with spirituality and a high frequency of “I Am” statements. Set an intention and peek at the affirmation apparel collective for women and men to feel good about what you wear daily.

Women’s Must-Haves

  • Cordelia Top - Crown Chakra - I AM DIVINE($88) - You’ll be on top of the world, manifesting your life vision in this impeccable sleeveless wrap top. The perfect top to indulge in all the things you love while being in charge of your destiny. Pair with the Aphrodite Pant($150).
  • Amalfi Wrap Top - I AM HADOBODY($240) - Follow your intuition and arrive in the here and now in this simply divine, versatile silk wrap top that doesn’t lack je ne sais quois. Luxurious look and feel with a relaxed silhouette that will have you aligned to all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Hudson Hoodie - Crown Chakra - I AM DIVINE($160) - So cozy you’ll be in perfect harmony realizing your inner peace instantaneously. The striking silhouette makes it a prized possession for all your holistic practices.

Hudson Hoodie - Crown Chakra - I AM DIVINE

Men’s Must-Haves

  • Holmes Hoodie - Crown Chakra - I AM DIVINE ($176) - Simplify life in this fundamental standard. While manifesting your dreams and desires, be thankful for our blue skies, majestic mountains, and vibrant oceans in this marvelous soft hoodie.
  • Jordan Jogger - Crown Chakra - I AM DIVINE ($176) - Ready steady as you go in this free and easy jogger. Designed for all-day wear, whether flowin’ or chillin'. So satisfying, these amazing 24/7 pants will keep your body and soul rooted in comfort.
  • Mindful Tee - Crown Chakra - I AM DIVINE ($110) - Positively calibrate your heart and soul in this magnificent tee. Whether chilling in deep thought or living it up, this lightweight, versatile shirt checks all the boxes.

Mindful Tee - Root Chakra - I AM GROUNDED


About Hadobody:

Hadobody is a lifestyle brand that uses the power of self-affirmation to infuse the mind, body, and spirit with positive frequency. The apparel for women and men supports the connection to your divine self so you can feel empowered and energized to consciously create your own reality. Follow them on Instagram @hadobody.

Source: Susie's Reviews

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