Water — A Conscious Being

Water — A Conscious Being

“If we consider that the human body is a universe within itself, it is only natural to conclude that we carry within us all the elements.” — Dr. Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water.

Water is the primal element of the Universe. Water surrounds us — internally in our bodies and externally throughout the world. The precious quartz crystal we call Earth, and Mother Nature is seventy percent water.

Water is a conscious Being. Science is unveiling new ways to understand water nearly every day! What makes water even more fascinating is that we now understand that water is a  receiver and carrier of information. Life as we know it would halt without water.

Did you know that your brain is made up of ninety-five percent of water? Since the brain is the most powerful computer we have access to, and water is the ultimate receiver and carrier of information, it is easy to say that water is a life force energy all on its own!

A single drop of water can store many terabytes of information. It is believed by German scientists that “as water travels, it picks up and stores information from all of the places that it has traveled through, which can thereby connect people to a lot of different places and sources of information when they drink this water, depending on the journey that it has been on.”

This is only the beginning of what makes water a remarkable element. Water has memory and has been proven to develop into beautiful water crystals based on intent and emotions.

The Greatest Scientific Challenge of Our Time

The Greatest Scientific Challenge of Our Time

When you write affirmations, practice yoga, or meditate, you set an intention as to how you want the practice to go. By setting an intention, you are making it clear what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel. Water also picks up on human intentions and emotions, which have been proven to change the molecular structures of the water.

In the 1990s, author Masaru Emoto famously performed a study on the molecular structure of water and how energy and words from human consciousness affect the crystalline structure of ice. What he discovered was revolutionary.

Dr. Emoto froze the water in the experiment and studied their shapes under a microscope. For one slide of water, he exposed water to both spoken and written words, pictures, and music filled with positive and loving energy before freezing.

On the other slide of water, he exposed the water to hateful energy before freezing. After both sides of the water froze, the results were remarkable. The ice that was shown with hateful energy resulted in chaotic and unpleasant structures.

The ice that was shown positive and loving energy resulted in beautiful and unbelievable geometric molecular formations. This study helped to prove that water has a consciousness and can hold memories.

This magical shape that the positive and loving water froze into is called Hexagonal Water. Hexagonal Water is a crystalline geometric structure formed by eight water molecules. When looking at photos, it looks like a snowflake or the Star Tetrahedron.

When Dr. Emoto was asked in an interview what words he used to provide positive and loving energy, he indisputably replied, “Love and gratitude.”

In his book “The Hidden Messages in Water,” he wrote, “What is the relationship between love and gratitude? For an answer to this question, we can use water as a model. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, represented by H2O. If love and gratitude, like oxygen and hydrogen, were linked together in a ratio of 1 to 2, gratitude would be twice as large as love.” Dr. Emoto later said that the words love and gratitude are the words that must serve as a guide for the world.

In an experiment by Lynne McTaggart- “The Intention Experiment,” Dr. Emoto’s experiment was again confirmed with her findings on intention setting and the power of intentional thought within groups of people.

In Lynne’s book “The Intention Experiment,” the experiment showed that human intentions affect matter. At the beginning of your meditation or yoga practice, set an intention on how you want the practice to go or how you want your day to go following the practice. Setting the intention connects your energy frequencies to the Universe’s frequencies, and your brain will start to rewire your brain to project more positive and loving thoughts. This action of your brain rewiring itself is called neuroplasticity.

Hexagonal Water

Hexagonal Water

Hexagonal water, or structured water, is the shape water takes naturally in springs or in icebergs. The name hexagonal water comes from the natural, geometric pattern that the water forms. This specific geometry produces an effect called molecular coherence.

Molecular coherence amplifies water’s natural abilities to archive and transfer information, similar to quartz crystal used in computers and watches.

In structured water, one of the main benefits is when the molecules in water “hold hands” as a way to bond together and refuse to let pollutants, contaminants, and chemicals into their hexagonal structure.

Similar to diamonds having the ability to keep out mineral impurities, structured water can keep out impurities such as chlorine, lime, sulfur, and other contaminated metals.

Did you know that our bodies are ninety-nine percent water at a molecular level? Water is a liquid network that is responsible for healthy function in our DNA and enzyme reactions. Water is the primary carrier of all-electric signals our bodies generate.

Giving Back to the Natural Source

Giving Back to the Natural Source

There its a greater life force that surrounds us and flows through us. We are all connected from the water that we consume to the tree standing outside our home to the human right in front of us. It is important to understand how vital that clean and healthy water sources are to our very existence and for the planet to survive. At Hadobody, we believe that we can support this beautiful element we call water by giving back to our communities and through cleaning up our oceans in order to help our planet thrive and provide us with sustainable resources.

With water as the primary element of Earth, we partnered up with Ocean Conservancy. Ocean  Conservancy is a Non-Profit Organization that cleans our shores and protects our oceans from today’s greatest global challenges. With the help of scientific research, Ocean Conservancy focuses on long-term solutions that promote a healthy ocean, abundant wildlife, and thriving coastal communities.

At Hadobody, with every purchase of the Sacral Chakra Collection, the Chakra associated with water, a portion of proceeds is donated to this foundation in support of our community and Mother Nature.

The Meaning of Hadobody

During Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiment, Dr. Emoto referred to the Japanese word “hado” in his experiment. Hado comes from the Japanese spiritual community, which translates to “wave motion” or “vibration.” Hado literally means, a life force energy that encompasses healing properties. Dr. Emoto’s use of hado was in reference to “the first vibration” at the atomic level of matter. Dr. Emoto believed that hado was the basis of human consciousness.

We created Hadobody to assist you in expressly enhancing your first energetic vibration of the day and throughout the day. As you choose which Hadobody piece you will wear for the day, you set your own intention for your day, which will elevate your vibrational frequencies sending a ripple of awesomeness out into the Universe and everyone around you.

With Love and Light

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