The Power of I AM

The Power of I AM

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.” - Buddha

Today, I am releasing all of my limitations. Today is a new day. I am grounded. I am creating a joyous, fulfilling life.

Affirmations are an excellent way to boost your mood, reduce negative thoughts, and become more aware of the thoughts you have throughout your day. As you write down your affirmations or post them on post-it notes around your house and office, you will start to feel the wonderous power affirmations hold.

Learn how to bring forth the power of affirmations with two words and your breath.

What are affirmations?

What are affirmations?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with affirmations and their benefits, affirmations are positive statements that help you shift away from any negative self-talk or chatter that can inhabit the mind. Affirmations inspire us to make positive changes in our life and boost our confidence and self-esteem. They open the door to a path of transformation for your physical, mental, and spiritual journey.

An important thing to know about affirmations is we must feel them. Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “You must feel wholeness for that healing to occur.” In other words, you want to feel as if your affirmation is happening now in the present moment.  As you write down your affirmations, take a breath, and feel what it would feel like if that affirmation is happening for you right now. If you write, “I am happy and healthy,” how would it feel knowing you are happy and healthy?

Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. Your inner dialogue with yourself is a stream of affirmations. With the power of I AM statements and affirmations, you can mindfully change your perception of life and enjoy the true fullness and beauty of life that is truly your birthright to do so.

Our mind, body and spirit is the most powerful and in-depth computer we have access to, with the center of this residing within the human brain. Our inner dialogue programs our brains to internalize and embody our internal self-talk very much like coding is to programming a computer. The brain has the ability to change through growth and reorganization. This is known as neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to re-wire or reprogram itself.

A first step to shifting one’s inner dialogue to a more supportive and positive internal friend is to simply notice your internal dialogue. Are you speaking kindly to yourself and about yourself? Are you judging yourself? When you notice internal dialogue that is not truly loving and supportive of yourself, stop, let it go and replace it with something more positive. You are in essence, reprogramming your internal dialogue.

A fantastic feature of our brain is that it can rewire itself and change through human growth and experience. It is able to reorganize itself to attract what we are affirming based on our thoughts and feelings. This fascinating ability is called neuroplasticity.

As we rewire our brains through growth and experiences, the beneficial effects are miraculous for us. It can help us strengthen our short-term and long-term memory functions and actually even slow down the aging process. Neuroplasticity can be practiced in numerous ways at any time of the day. As you write in your journal, your I AM affirmations, or take a step away from your computer at work to practice breathing exercises.

Working Through Unhealthy Thought Patterns

Working Through Unhealthy Thought Patterns

Each of us repeats habitual thought patterns that may no longer serve our highest good. We invite each of us to gently notice when we may have less that loving self-talk going on in our minds. Notice it, release it, and then shift that thought to something more positive. By gently doing this, over time, we can eventually shift our inner dialogue to a more loving and supportive inner friend. How we show ourselves compassion and love during unhealthy thought patterns is we can rewire the brain over time.

How do you react when you feel an unhealthy habitual thought pattern develop in your mind? Maybe the thought pattern developed when you were a child. Do you show your inner child love? The way to break these thought patterns is to sit with the feelings and find where in our body we feel them. From there, move your precious breath and energy to that area of your body and allow yourself to feel the vulnerability. More thoughts may come up but instead of reacting harshly to them, acknowledge them, thank them for their usefulness in the past and let them go with each exhale.

When negative thoughts come up about something that may have happened to you recently or when you were younger, a good practice is to acknowledge it and then change that thought to a positive statement. The positive statement is a reactor in the brain produces a little shot of dopamine because you have made good on your decision to stop allowing this belief to cause you mental pain or mental stress.

As you gently and patiently break through the habitual thought patterns that no longer serve you, you will start to feel open and ready to receive the abundances you are worthy of. To attract these abundances, it begins with two simple yet powerful words: I AM.

The Power of I AM

The Power of I AM

By invoking the powerful and ancient words, I AM, we are inspiring the universe to bring the qualities that we are affirming into our being. This practice is so powerful as it affirms what we desire, as if we already have it. You are confidently asserting something to be true. When we invoke the words I AM with the desired trait following the words I AM; we are programming our brains to align with that declaration of truth and way of being.

As we include I AM affirmations into our daily practice, we are commanding the universe to bring the essence of that quality into our being, aligning us with the highest and most divine version of ourselves. Once we believe in the power we possess to create the life we desire, we can then break the cycle of limiting beliefs and replace them with positive and expansive beliefs.

When we sit in our meditation practice or practice yoga on our mats, we can swiftly move energy throughout our body and around us. We can connect to a higher body of energy and quietly whisper or chant our affirmations aloud, increasing the vibrational frequency. Doing so connects our vibrations to a greater vibration we cannot see, which is called the collective consciousness or quantum energy field. This energy field was explored in-depth in Lynn McTaggart’s book,  “The Intention Experiment.”

This higher frequency energy field that we are all connected to can help us attract what we affirm. As we mindfully raise our energy frequency by meditating, practicing yoga, or connecting to our breath for a few breathing cycles, we can connect to higher consciousness and expand our energy throughout the universe’s energy field, allowing us to attract the affirmations and intentions we set.

I AM and Hadobody

I AM and Hadobody

At Hadobody, we can help align you with a chakra and an affirmation that fits your unique being. From there, certain products at Hadobody proudly present themselves with the affirmation to help you embody and live out that affirmation with intent.

Hadobody’s goal is to support you to consistently infuse the water in your body with a powerful intention of using self-affirmations and high-frequency art throughout your day. By wearing Hadobody as a gentle reminder throughout the day, we can energize our mind, body, and spirit with self-affirmations through positive I AM statements. As you wear ourCascade Crop and Aphrodite Pants, whisper to yourself or shout out to the world that affirmation with the intent to be divine, powerful, and grounded.

I AM Statements

Please see below for Hadobody I AM Statements for you to consider! Each Affirmation is aligned with one of the Chakras within the Seven Chakra System! Hadobody believes that by wearing your affirmation on your body you have the opportunity to program the most powerful computer that you have access to, your Mind, Body and Spirit! Every day you get to choose the affirmation that can best support you throughout your day and infuse your body with positivity and fresh fibers that are nourishing to your entire energetic system.

I AM Divine: Crown Chakra

I AM Brilliant: Third Eye Chakra

I AM Heard: Throat Chakra

I AM Love: Heart Chakra

I AM Powerful: Solar Plexus Chakra

I AM Creative: Sacral Chakra

I AM Grounded: Root Chakra

With Love and Light

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