The Power Of Crystals

What Are Crystals?

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are the essence of life, manifesting within the Earth. The energy and forms of crystals can significantly benefit your personal and spiritual growth. The blossoms of the mineralogical portion of the Earth recognize these energies and forms of crystals.

Like us, crystals have vibrational frequencies and can vibrate simultaneously to different energy frequencies. Each stone contains a unique energy frequency that is more associated with the healing abilities it provides. We, as individuals, have a unique energy frequency that we can harness and then connect to the crystal’s vibration. How the energies of us and crystals differ is simply that crystals hold a stable energy frequency that doesn’t change.

Our beautiful souls transmit different energy frequencies through our thoughts and emotions. Crystals are made up of a fixed, regularly repeating, geometric pattern of molecules that contains their energy frequency specific to their power.

The stability of energy in crystals is crucial to helping our bodies and minds heal. On a spiritual level, you are vibrating and energetically interacting with that stone that causes changes to your structure and psychology through your energetic systems. Crystals can support you by putting your body at ease, realigning your chakras, helping you stay grounded, and recreating a natural energy flow through your body.

Crystals work by channelizing your energy levels, thereby focusing on healing your body from the inside.Metaphysically, we can transmit thoughts and emotions through crystals when we set an intention on what we wish to manifest.

Did you know when they first built the radio, they touched a wire to rose quartz, and the radio frequencies were transmitted through the quartz crystal?

What are crystals used for?

Think of crystals as a tool to help you enhance a particular part of your life. Maybe you want to attract love or let go of something holding you back, like stress or fear. Keeping your crystal(s) with you reminds you of the aspect of your life you are wanting to enhance, and they can keep you grounded. Each crystal carries a frequency of energy as an aid to enhance an aspect of your life.

For example, suppose you have difficulty letting go of old ideas that no longer serve you. In that case, Black Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone for releasing unwanted patterns that may have turned into bad habits. The Black Tourmaline crystal can help to release the negative energy in your body and your energy field.

Your thoughts create vibrations throughout the universe, and setting the intention that aligns with your values and aspirations raises your frequency to connect with the crystals even more.

Reconnecting with a charged crystal can help raise your energy frequency when you are vibrating at a lower frequency.

How to charge your crystals?

How to charge your crystals?

Keeping a variety of crystals can manifest love and light into your life. A meaningful way to engage the power of your crystal(s) is by setting an intention. Holding your crystal(s) at your heart's space and setting a heartfelt intention creates a powerful tool for allowing happiness and well-being to be your primary way of being in life.

Another similarity we share with crystals is that crystals need sustenance to be active. Crystals are like rechargeable batteries. They do not emit much use when they are at a low charge. Recharging them for a few hours gives them the energy to radiate joy, love, and light. To activate or charge your crystal, you can:

  • Charge smaller crystals by surrounding them with bigger crystals to receive energy from the bigger crystals.
  • Sunlight/Moonlight is another way to charge your crystals just as we receive energy from the sun.
  • Cleanse your crystals in warm water and Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt. An alternative to this is cleansing your crystals in the ocean. Make sure your particular crystal can tolerate water. If it cannot, there are other ways to cleanse your crystal!
  • You can also sage your crystals!
  • Sit your crystals in brown rice for twenty-four hours to help with the balance of your crystal’s masculine and feminine energies.
  • Bury your crystal in the Earth and allow it to become recharged with Earth energy.
  • An easy way to recharge your amazing crystals is through smudging your crystals with palo santo or sage.

After cleansing and charging your crystals, hold them in love and light close to your heart space, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say these three things:

  1. Ask the highest vibration of love and light to clear your crystal of all unwanted energy and send that energy back to its home with love.
  2. Set your intention
  3. Give thanks for the crystal(s) being a part of your joyous life.

Once the crystal is charged and cleansed, you may carry it in your pocket, around your neck as a necklace charm, wear them as earrings, or as a bracelet. You can also keep the crystal in sacred places throughout your home and work space.

Crystals and Chakras

Crystals and Chakras

Chakras are the energetic centers in the body that provide a healthy flow of energy to keep our mind, body, and spirit working at their most optimal level. Each Chakra contains a vibrational frequency starting with the Root Chakra as the lowest frequency and the Crown Chakra vibrating at the highest frequency.

Since our brain works as a computer emitting vibrational frequencies from our thoughts and emotions, what we think can positively or negatively affect the chakras in our body. Crystals play a key role in clearing chakras and helping you realign with your chakras.

A common practice to balance your chakras with crystals is to lay on your back and place a crystal over the associated Chakras location. Or, you can lay your crystals under your mattress in the order of the seven main chakras and sleep on your back positioned over the charged crystals.

Another way to activate or cleanse your chakras is to hold your stones in your hands as you meditate or lay them out in front of you. When you raise your vibrations, you start to feel and connect to the positive vibrational frequency from the crystals. This will bring your chakras back to the proper energetic frequency at which they are meant to vibrate.

Keep reading to discover your birthstone and the love and light frequency it can bring to you.

New to Crystals?

New to Crystals?

If you are a beginner to crystals, buying crystals is all about which ones you are drawn to. If you go to a metaphysical store, walk around and feel which energy you are drawn to. If you want to connect to your birthstone, pick up different stones, and when you feel your vibrational frequency rise, you have found the stone meant for you.

Here is a list of birthstones for each month and the benefits of the stone:

  • January: Garnet - Faith and Fidelity
  • February: Amethyst - Temperance and Deep Love
  • March: Aquamarine - Happiness, and Tranquility
  • April: Diamond - Enduring Love
  • May: Emerald - Joy and Vitality
  • June: Pearl or Moonstone - Purity and Sincerity
  • July: Ruby - Passionate Love
  • August: Peridot - Creative Expression
  • September: Sapphire - Wisdom and Loyalty
  • October: Tourmaline - Gentleness and Compassion
  • November: Topaz or Citrine - Self-Confidence and Kindness
  • December: Blue Topaz - Peace and Calmness

Crystals and Hadobody

Crystals and Hadobody

At Hadobody, we provide ethically and sustainably sourced products that support you to look great and feel your best. As you take the Chakra Quiz to discover which Chakra you are most aligned with, you will notice each Chakra has a specific color associated with it and an affirmation to help attract a loving and joyous frequency to you.

We have also aligned each chakra with a positive affirmation in the chakra’s color. This is designed to serve as a gentle reminder throughout your day as to how magnificent that you truly are. As the story goes, Infuse Your Body with Hadobody!

Hadobody collections

Once you discover which Chakra you are aligned with, you can find the crystal(s) associated with the Chakra simply by the color.

For example, if you are most aligned with the Heart Chakra (associated with the colors green and pink), some superb stones for you would be Rose Quartz (pink) and Emerald (green).

The Rose Quartz is perfect for calling in radiant heart healing, upping levels of self-compassion and empathy.

The Emerald Stone helps you listen to and trust the loving messages from your Heart Center. When you trust your heart, it helps you connect to others and helps you feel open. Most importantly, you trust and love yourself more.

With Love & Light

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