The Enriching Benefits Of Trees

The Enriching Benefits Of Trees

“When you know trees experience pain and have memories, and that tree parents live together with their children, then you can no longer chop them down and disrupt their lives with larger machines.” — Pete Wohlleben, author.

Imagine walking through a luscious forest with an abundance of tall, thick trees surrounding you. You may not hear it, but their life force energy is all around you. To your naked eye, they are still, and their growth is invisible. The stillness and silence fill the air, yet they communicate as you stroll by.

Sitting underneath the branches of a tree or wrapping your arms around it with a loving hug can connect the two energy frequencies together. As a holistic way of healing, hugging a tree releases a chemical called oxytocin, which is responsible for a calm feeling as you and the tree emotionally bond.

There is so much more to the forest life than meets our eyes. Some may neglect the idea that trees are magical and beautiful entities providing us with life and oxygen. Those of us that have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time in nature, with trees, intuitively understand this is truth.

Those wonderful trees live and work together as a family unit. They can communicate by releasing toxins in the air toward one another, alerting them that danger is near. This danger could be an animal eating the leaves and branches off of a tree. When the toxins reach the other trees in the forest, they release a different toxin in the air to attract bugs that will annoy that animal, resulting in it eating somewhere else.

Besides protecting one another, they also help each other grow to be big, strong, and healthy entities. As a family unit, they work as a team, a trait we can learn from to build stronger communities and bonds.

Imagine this — two trees are growing next to each other side by side. These intelligent trees understand that there is only so much sunshine and rainfall to help them grow into mature adults. To help each other get ample amounts of sunshine and rainfall, they will alter how they grow to provide sunshine and rain to the other tree that may not be getting enough. Trees will change their growth pattern to provide the surrounding trees with the proper amount of sun and water needed for healthy growth. They understand that each of them needs to be strong and healthy to thrive.

Trees have a personality, form strong communities, and help keep mother earth healthy. Trees give us so much life and energy that we could not survive without them. One important thing we can learn from trees is their ability and understanding to support the whole forest in the forest’s best interest.

Aside from a tree’s purpose in the forest, certain trees have the ability to self-seed themselves, providing us with a type of fabric that is environmentally safe and better for our healthy bodies; this silky smooth fabric is called micro modal.

What is Micro Modal?

Micro modal is a fabric that is made from the cellulose of self-seeding beech trees that creates one of the softest and most breathable fabrics without damaging our precious mother nature.

Hadobody is proud to partner with their USA based manufacturer to find the best materials, with the lowest carbon footprint available. Our research has led us to the Lenzing Modal process. Lenzing modal is a fabric that uses minimal water, is biodegradable, and is made from nature. The fibers used in Lenzing Modal material stem from a natural component of material wood.

A primary characteristic of cellulose is it is biodegradable. The fiber re-enters the ecosystem at the end of its life cycle, preparing the ground on which new plants grow. This sustainable method purifies the recycling process by giving back to mother earth without causing any harm.

This opulent fabric is similar to silk or linen but is much easier to take care of.

Why choose plant-based products over synthetic

Why choose plant-based products over synthetic products with a petroleum and plastic origin?

We not only choose plant-based fabric for its health-conscious benefits but also to provide products that are good for your skin. Studies have shown that petroleum and plastic-based products have a negative effect on the environment and your skin.

Petroleum is a fossil fuel that’s combustion contributes to polluting emissions, including carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases.

Plastic-based products have been shown to have risks when they are recycled into new material. The concerning risks are the contamination that can happen during the recycling process with toxins due to the chemicals in the material. The most common chemical in the material is BPA, a chemical with proven health risks.

Plant-based clothing brings gratification when purchasing and wearing the material, knowing your purchase goes to the greater good of the environment. By purchasing sustainable clothing, you are contributing to reducing the use of the World’s Water Pollution, carbon emissions, and the use of renewable resources to manufacture goods.

Show love to yourself with sustainable eco-friendly products as they are higher in quality and support manufacturers who provide fair labor practices as in a proper living wage and healthy working conditions.

When you support companies such as Hadobody, you are supporting the wonderful manufacturers who show the same care and love for their employees as it does for the environment.

The Benefits of Micro Modal Fabric

  • It keeps fit - The fabric doesn’t shrink after its first wash and has a four-way stretch to keep it from losing shape.
  • Moisture-Wicking - Best used to make sportswear and undergarments because it is fifty percent more absorbent than cotton and helps you stay cool and dry whether you’re at the gym or work.
  • It feels soft and silky - Micro Modal is famously known for being finely knit. It feels like a high-maintenance material!
  • It’s durable - This fabric brings quality without pilling, fading, wrinkling, or losing its shape. It looks new after each wash compared to other materials. In addition, the high durability means the longer it sits in your closet, the more sustainable your wardrobe is!

Hadobody and Micro Modal

Hadobody and Micro Modal

At Hadobody, over ninety-five percent of our fabrics are sourced locally in Los Angeles, near our manufacturers, to reduce carbon footprint and support the local economy.

Furthermore, eighty percent of our clothing is made from Lenzing Modal, a fabric that requires a minimal amount of water is biodegradable, and is recycled back into nature due to the process of self-seeding plants, such as beech trees.

It is our intention to provide you with top-quality, sustainable clothing that is soft on the planet and soft on your body. We want the fabric's loving and positive vibrational energy to continue thriving from the plant’s energy to your love and kind vibrational frequency.

To feel the enriching benefits of micro modal shop at Feel the difference and know that you are contributing to a healthier life for you and also contributing to a more sustainable and clean planet.

With Love & Light!

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