Selecting Your Most Energizing Clothing

Your Most Energizing Clothing

At Hadobody, we are super excited that our own About the Science and Expert in Everything Energy, Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant; has created this powerful quiz for you to take in order to find your Major Chakra! Enjoy!

Congratulations. You want to raise your energetic vibe! That’s what Hadobody spirit-tech clothing does.

The question is, which chakra should you focus on? Every single piece features a chakra and all the specific frequencies of that divine wheel of power.

There are lots of ways to approach this question. One inspiring solution is to make your choices based on your major chakra.

That’s right. You have a major chakra.

Your chakras are so multi-purpose. They lie along the spine and manage every part of your life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There is one chakra, however, through which your soul most fully expresses.

If you stoke that main chakra, your soul will shine through stronger. Automatically, your energy will uplift. You’ll experience more alignment, as well as the vital factors of a good life, to include tight relationships, spot-on intuition, fulfillment, self-esteem, and wellness. People will respond in kind, seeing the “real you.”

To help, I’ve developed a simple quiz that outlines the traits of each of the seven, in-body chakras. Select the list of traits that best describe you. Next, match your chakra number in the Answer Key and then select your spirit-tech clothing according to your major chakra.


Select one of the following seven lists that best describes your personality:

  1. Sensual. Expressive. Creative. Fluid. Sure, your feelings are sometimes super-sized, but so is your innovative and sensitive approach to life.
  2. Romantic. Loving. Compassionate. Giving. You are like an extension of a tree branch, a giver of healing, growth, and renewal.
  3. Visionary. Inspirational. Strategic. Perceptive. As a lover of the imaginative, you could paint the world with the colors of soul.
  4. Intellectual. Strong-willed. Organized. Inquisitive. When you’re confident, the world smiles back, raising you to higher levels of success.
  5. Spiritual. Peaceful. Meditative. Harmonious. When devoted to a universal pursuit, you can reach higher states of consciousness.
  6. Courageous. Physical. Dynamic. Passionate. You’re like a tiger, always poised for vital action and activity.
  7. Philosophical. Learner. Teacher. Singer of Truths. You excel at communication, sharing spot-on guidance when on your “A-game.”

(Answer Key)

See the answer key below to determine your major chakra.

  1. Sacral Chakra - The Second Chakra - The Emoter. This orange chakra, based in the abdomen, is the chakra zodiac center for emotions and creativity. Go you, the most innovative (and bohemian) of chakra types. Wear second-chakra lifestyle clothing to fully embrace your pleasures, senses, and desires.
  2. Heart Chakra - The Fourth Chakra - The Healer. This chest-anchored chakra is green and marks you as the most romantic and relational of all chakra types. Select fourth chakra or heart chakra items to expand your heart even wider and bring through bliss and healing energies for self and others.
  3. Third Eye Chakra - The Sixth Chakra - The Aesthetic. You’re the dreamer dreaming the dream of your life. That’s because this indigo center, in the brow, is home to the most visual and wise of chakra-ologists. A sixth chakra wardrobe will further activate your clairvoyance, or “clear seeing” perceptivity, and your natural practicality will assist you with strategizing your best-case future.
  4. Solar Plexus - The Third Chakra - The Intellect. You’re all about thoughts and facts and are more than capable of structuring them, whether in spreadsheets or philosophical tracts. Inspire your third chakra, which is yellow and in the solar plexus, with that boost in confidence and power needed to jettison you into deserved success.
  5. Crown Chakra - The Seventh Chakra - The Devotee. What do you realize when you blend the purity of white and the majestic nature of violet? Spiritual awareness. And - your true self, an officiant able to illuminate divine light everywhere you are. Further activate the meditative light of your crown-based chakra with seventh chakra men's garments.
  6. Root Chakra - The First Chakra - The Mover and Shaker. Rocket red and in the hips, this energy center is all about flame-on passion. As the manifesting specialist of the chakra system, you can literally construct concrete reality out of the building blocks of courage, hope, and elbow grease. Attire yourself with first chakra wear to further ignite your vitality.
  7. Throat Chakra - The Fifth Chakra - The Communicator. The world is made of sound, especially your world. As a complete (some could say, compulsive) communicator, it’s time to own your potential to share guidance with all, whether through song, words, poetry, or even thoughts. Build the bridge between divine source and your throat chakra with attire that suits your true nature.

As an expert in the subtle energy systems, Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant. She is the author of nearly 30 books and published in 18 languages. Learn more at

With Love and Light!

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