Redefining Modern Jewelry

“Transformation, punch, individuality: One or all of the above are why you should wear jewelry.”— Iris Apfel

The fashion icon Iris Apfel lives by a fashion lesson her mother taught her at a young age. Her mother said, “If funds are limited, get a few well-cut basics and add personality with jewelry.”

Jewelry has been the top accessory for men and women to make an outfit pop or add their personality in a more formal setting. Some jewelry has been passed down from generation to generation, while others can have a great story behind it or can be what’s trending in pop culture.

Over the years, jewelry has defined popular trends in society and pop culture, from wearing pearl necklaces in the 70s to the colorful beaded bracelets in the 90s.

Recently, the trend of jewelry has shifted with technology. Providing us with enticing details about our brand and body to live as optimally as we can as human beings. As new smartphone devices consistently come out with newer editions, so do smartwatches.

With products such as the Apple Watch, you can now wear a device on your wrist that you can easily use as an accessory with the mixing and matching of bands and the ability to connect to your iPhone right on your wrist.

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The idea of wearing flashy jewelry isn’t as popular as it once was due to the ideas of minimalism, and having an accessory being more durable that can be worn daily is becoming the norm.

As fashion trends come and go, one statement piece has been dominant, dating back to ancient Africa, Egypt, and Rome. To this day, it is widely popular and continues to ride its wave of momentum.

The Beaded Bracelet

The Beaded Bracelet

Traveling back almost 70,000 years ago, beaded necklaces and bracelets were used as a form of currency for trading. Aside from currency, beaded bracelets and necklaces were also worn for spiritual purposes.

Fast forward to today, it is still a widespread phenomenon with the healing properties of crystals and gemstones in the form of beads. With the rise of yoga and meditation, gaining a more profound sense of self has connected us deeper with nature, where such gemstones and crystals are found.

In previous blogs on Hadobody, we speak about some of the healing properties in crystals, such as:

  • Helping you stay grounded
  • Balancing your chakras
  • Help put the body and mind at peace

From the blog The Power of Crystals “Your thoughts create vibrations throughout the universe, and setting the intention that aligns with your values and aspirations raises your frequency to connect with the crystals even more.” In today’s fashion, beaded bracelets are made of crystals that hold energetic abilities to balance our mind, body, and soul. Beaded jewelry has become popular amongst men, women, and children.

As we continue to grow as individuals, we gain a better understanding of who we are as an individual and have learned how to keep ourselves balanced. Practicing daily habits to raise our energetic frequencies to help attract our manifestations and live a life with deliberate intent.

With the rise of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and minimalism, beaded jewelry is a popular choice for people of all ages. Though each crystal carries a universal energy, determining which wrist to wear your beaded bracelet on can elevate your crystal’s energy even higher and raise your energetic vibration.

Left Wrist, Right Wrist, or Both Wrists?

In ancient spiritual traditions, such as Hatha Yoga, Taoism, and Tantrism, the left side of the human body is of feminine (Yin) energy. This means the left side is known as the receiving side, where we attract and receive energies. The left wrist should be worn with gemstones that help you:

  • Resonate with the crystal’s energy
  • Absorb healing energies through the body
  • Infuse your chakras with the crystal’s energy

Look for gemstones that have a calming energy, like rose quartz, amethyst, or amazonite.


Your right side of the wrist is known as the manifesting side. In the same ancient spiritual traditions, you are most receptive to energy during the night while you are asleep. Your right side of the body holds the masculine (Yang) energy, and the right wrist should be worn with crystals that help you:

  • Align the chakras
  • Release negative energy
  • Manifest your intentions

Look for crystals, such as tiger’s eye or black onyx to wear on your right hand.


Some of you reading this may have been told the opposite of the type of energies in the wrists; that the left wrist was the “receiving” side and the right wrist was the “giving” side. There isn’t a wrong or right way of doing this — as long as you set an intention with your crystals or gemstones, they work in your favor.

Hadobody Beaded Bracelets

Hadobody Beaded Bracelets

The bracelets you see on our website are sustainable jewelry— meaning they are made of eco-friendly materials with ethical labor in the facility and responsible manufacturing practices. 

Our jewelry pieces come with a complimentary reusable natural jute drawstring pouch for safe and convenient storage and make a great gift. Our bracelets are perfect to use as an accessory or for your meditation time.

Our Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry are eye-catching and high-quality. Some of our bracelets, such as the SANDALWOOD AMAZONITE BEAD BRACELET, have the natural fragrance of the stones to help bring aromatherapy to your meditation or spiritual practices.

With various styles and stones for both men and women, choosing an eye-catching bracelet or crystal earrings can help make a difference in the world. By shopping sustainably, you support the cause for a healthier planet and receive a unique and long-lasting piece to shine in.

If you wish to know about crystals and which ones to buy, read our blog “Power of Crystals” and take the Chakra Quiz to ensure you get a crystal or gemstone you feel aligned with.

With Love & Light!

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