A Simple Guide to Preparing for and Having a Powerful Full Moon Ceremony

Are you fascinated by the calming, feminine energy of the night? Many people are!

The moon is a wonderful sight for every soul. Its serene disposition and romantic presence can calm even the most turbulent whirlwinds within your heart.Little else can have the sort of spiritual impact upon us as the moon does, through her powerful and connective rhythm. The moon with her divine feminine energy and grace reveals to us the profound truth and inherent wisdom hidden deep within us. This isn’t surprising, considering how the moon is the closest astronomical body to our civilization and a vital spiritual body too

The full moon surfaces once every month when the new moon cycle starts all over the earth. The first moon of the cycle is perfectly positioned between the earth and the sun. This is why the new moon is hardly visible. Slowly throughout the moon cycle, the moon starts appearing bigger and bigger.

The emergence of the full moon has been celebrated across different cultures since ancient times. The event of a full moon is considered a cosmic shift in your life that can help you let go of all the energy-draining thoughts, beliefs or habits that no longer serve you. People of different cultures see it as an opportunity to evaluate, cleanse, release and recharge their lives.

A beautiful way to harness the power of the full moon is to celebrate its emergence in a ceremony.

What is a Full Moon Ceremony?

A full moon ceremony is a ritual that celebrates the complete moon cycle. This ritual honors the beauty of the moon and all its feminine powers.

What Makes for A Powerful Full Moon Ceremony?

1. Light a Candle

Lighting a beautiful candle is a wonderful way to begin your preparation for this special celebration, we love these luxury candles and scented diffusers. Anything that helps put the mind at ease is a welcome addition at the ceremony celebration.

2. Moon Water

One of our favorite full moon practices is creating moon water. Place a bowl, jar or pitcher of clean water outside during the night of the full moon so the water can absorb the full moon’s light and power. Breathing your intentions into the water by speaking a prayer into the water can also enhance the magical energy of the full moon water.

3.Moon Meditation

Find a quiet space to sit comfortably, you may also like to bring your favorite crystals with you. Close your eyes, take in 3 slow, deep and relaxing breaths and set your intention for this meditation. Ground yourself by visualizing roots from your body going deep into the earth. Focus on your breath, feel the beauty of the light washing over you. Let your mind float, when a thought comes into your presence, just let it float by, and notice your breath.

Continue for about 15 minutes. Take advantage of your wonderful relaxed brain waves and take a few extra minutes to visualize what you wish to create in your life.

4. Journaling

Journaling is a wonderful daily practice that we highly recommend. As the full moon is approaching, think about the beliefs, habits, or anything that you wish to release in your life and write them down. Simply the act of writing these things down is a form of release. For your full moon ceremony, we invite you to write down everything that you wish to release in your life, set new intentions and then burn them (very safely) outside, during your full moon ceremony! Be sure to make sure all of the embers are out, we recommend to douse the area with a bit of water afterwards.

5. Breathing Exercises

Breath is life! Many of us are learning about the power of intentional breathing, to fully utilize the regenerative forces of fresh oxygen into our mind, body and spirit. It is powerful to practice your breath work while you are under the sky, then you can allow the moonlight to enter your body and help you heal from within.

To practice this ritual, you can sit in the moonlight and focus on how you breathe. You can inhale and imagine as if the moon is getting brighter with every breath you take. And when you exhale, you may imagine the moon is fading and taking all your worries and sorrows away with it! This can also be thought of as meditation, as it helps you relax.

6. Declutter

Celebrating the full moon means letting go of pent-up emotions and negative energies. It always feels good to clear and declutter our spaces. Perhaps begin in your bedroom and clear away the clothes and nicknacks that you no longer use or want. You can move on to the rest of your home, as well. A good cleaning is also a wonderful way to release as you prepare for your full moon ceremony.

7. Charge Your Crystals

Place your crystals outside or on a window ledge during the full moon. This restores and recharges the crystal beings in your life. Setting them outside, on a natural ground, is ideal. Be sure to bring them inside in the morning, as direct sunlight may be too harsh for some crystals. Once you bring them in, a nice rinsing of each crystal with your full moon water is lovely way to complete this full moon practice for your crystals, as well. Some crystals don’t do well in water, so be sure your crystal can handle exposure to water.

8. Sleep

To celebrate the full moon ceremony, you don't necessarily have to be awake and practicing all these rituals. You can allow your brain and body to rest while the moon is at its prime. You can sleep during the full moon and give yourself the rest you have been craving. Before you fall asleep, you can practice your breath work and meditate, keeping the thoughts in mind, inviting the full moon to work her magic while you sleep.

We hope these practices are helpful and fun as you connect with the full moon’s glory. The powerful energy of the full moon is here for you to harness for your enjoyment, enrichment and empowerment.

With Love and Light!

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