Hadobody: Fashion Achieving Balance with Mindfulness

By Joseph Pastrana

Wellness is a rapidly growing industry that overlaps with so many other sectors. Today, it is an industry valued at an estimated $4.2 trillion worldwide. Some of its coverage includes personal care and beauty, fitness and nutrition, and now – fashion. Hadobody is the lifestyle brand that infuses mindfulness and wellness elements into style with a wave of easy breezy casuals in its new Sand & Sea Collection. Functional for active lifestyles, the collection brings an added sense of serenity and focus to working out at the gym, hanging out with friends, traveling or getting through a hectic day around town.

True to its commitment to wellness, the label is eco-conscious and ethically made with each item crafted from sustainable materials such as Tencel™ Lyocell. In womenswear (sizes xs to xxl), there is a range of crop tops, tank tops, biker shorts, dusters, pants, underwear and headbands, all in flattering cuts, soft fabrics and vibrant colors that evoke the beauty and serenity of the natural world. In menswear (sizes xs to xxl), there are tees, shorts, hats and hoodies in a variety of neutral and earthy tones.

And to bring a reminder to stay centered, various affirmations are imprinted on some items including “I Am Divine,” “I Am Brilliant,” “I Am Heard,” “I Am Love,” “I Am Powerful,” “I Am Creative” and “I Am Grounded.” These are meant to provide reinforcement of inner strength and potential whenever needed. It’s fashion as a unique and holistic approach to style.

According to Hadobody founder Dianna Smith, “Fashion can be transformative. But our brand is about more than just fashion. We wanted to build something holistic, something that a community of like-minded individuals can gather around. We want to share this journey with those who believe, as we do, in creating with a responsibility to the world around us, in practicing daily mindfulness, and giving back.”

Smith continued, “We’re very dedicated to sustainability and take pride in responsibly sourcing our materials as the starting point in every effort we make to have a reduced environmental impact. We have partnered with suppliers who share our values and are continuously exploring new ways to improve our production practices. When we created the Sand & Sea Collection, it was to bring everyone closer to nature and understand our connection to our planet. From the colors to the way they feel on your skin, we wanted to showcase pieces in tune with who we are and the spaces we live in.”

Smith also explained that the collection is made from recycled polyester and organic cotton. Over 80% of the clothes use Lenzing Modal, a sustainable fabric.

Hadobody is aimed at eventually building towards being a fully fledged lifestyle brand grounded with “intention and gratitude” and nourishes the mind, body and spirit even as it strives to bring style to everyone.

The collection is available online at www.hadobody.com

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